RS Barcelona RS4 Home x Hey MoMA Exclusive

RS4 Home x HEY only at MoMA

When the creative energy of two brands like RS Barcelona and Hey join up, the outcome can only be astounding! The RS4 Home x HEY Special Edition reveals the power of color and how the game becomes art.

It is indeed its colorfulness and the energy it embodies that have captivated MoMA Design Store. The RS4 Home x HEY has been selected as a MoMA Exclusive.

Hey has captured its creative universe in this football table. The vitality of its colorful and fresh imagery is shaped in a piece that stands out for its attractive appeal. The choice of the colors was no coincidence: powerful, eye-catching, pop, vibrant, unconventional and without any restrictions. Chromatic freedom in a special edition that invites play and spreads Hey’s passion for color.

With this RS4 Home x HEY Special Edition, the football table is revealing itself with a bold artistic accent. It becomes a piece of modern art that expresses the energy and essence of a classic game that transcends the test of time and trends.” – Verònica Fuerte, Hey founder.

The shape and color of fun
The RS4 Home is the football table chosen for this collaboration because of its materials, features and adaptability. It has been designed to be another member of the family at home. For all ages. For doing it up yourself and, when the match starts, you set the rules of the game.

It is a statement of intent to recover the good habit of playing active games with the family and friends. Of keeping up the good habit of playing. Of cutting down on screen time. Of switching off the TV, game console and mobile device to connect with your people. Of putting aside the immediacy and giving ‘likes’ instead for the moments we experience. Of celebrating that we are all together needing no excuses, letting time go by without rushing.

The RS4 Home comes with a manifesto in favor of real and authentic fun.” – Rafael Rodríguez, RS Barcelona CEO

From the museum to home
The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most important institutions for the promotion and democratization of contemporary art and design. Being part of MoMA Exclusives selection, products must pass a selection process unlike any other: a set of 8 criteria that ensure every item is a good fit with MoMA vision of good design. Next, the product is evaluated by the museum curatorial department. Only items that make it through these two steps successfully can become part of the unique MoMA Exclusive selection. Now, the RS4 Home x HEY foosball table also bears the MoMA Exclusive design signature.

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RS Barcelona RS4 Home x Hey MoMA Exclusive

RS4 Home x HEY only at MoMA

The colorful RS4 Home Special Edition designed by Hey has been selected by MoMA Design Store as a MoMA Exclusive. An explosion of colors and goals.

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