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Ping Pong Table RS Folding

from Price 4,868 €
The RS Folding ping pong table remains discreetly tucked away until it’s called into action, revealing all its charm. It’s a ground-breaking...

Ping Pong Table Stationary RS

from Price 3,467 €
Family ping pong tournaments in the garden. Tournaments between departments at the office on Thursday after work. The RS Stationary ping pong...

Football table RS3 Wood Gold

from Price 4,900 €
Gold, metal and wood. The RS3 Wood Gold football table proves that this game can be played in a dinner suit or an evening dress. Elegance and...

Games like foosball, billiards, pool table or ping pong are perfect for enjoying time with friends in your own home, in a hotel, in a bar or even in your office if you have enough space. Discover our indoor game tables, customize yours the way you want and make your guests spend great fun moments together.

In our games collection, you will find the best design game tables to give a playful touch to any space in your home: your dining room, your game room or your porch.

In our catalog, you can find some exclusive pool tables, ping pong tables and foosball tables with the RS Barcelona quality seal. Find the one that best suits your space and customize it with this design furniture to play with. You deserve it!

Our sophisticated and unique designs are very recognizable, with its own character and style. In addition, we give you the option to choose from a wide range of colors for each of our indoor game tables, so that you can blend it with the rest of the decorative items of your room.

Indoor game tables: a perfect pastime for all

Indoor game tables are the perfect way to bring out your competitive side, whether it is together with your friends on the weekend, with your co-workers on the daily breaks, or with your family at home or on a fun hotel vacation.

We have all grown up playing these games in pairs or in large groups. Specially, foosball is one of those that allows many players to get into the game at the same time on the RS Max, our longer indoor game table, with up to 8 people playing together.

A quick match is always good for those moments of disconnection, when you are just looking to get rid of the stress of work and reconnect with your social life. Having a good time playing these activities helps to further bond the connections between people.

Buy our varied selection of indoor game tables

Buying indoor game tables can not only be a great choice for any of your rooms in terms of leisure, but also as an aesthetic concept, since they are a great compliment to give life to any space and adding a touch of joy and color.

Most of our game tables have a dual use, as they are very functional. This is the case of foosball dining tables, which transforms football table in a dining table for aperitif and fun lunch adding a glass top.

In our online store you can find all the accessories for our game tables to enjoy the game to the fullest. Because it is always important to have on hand an extra set of paddles or balls for any special occasion.

If you need some handles or spare players for foosball, paddles and a new net for your ping pong or some extra sticks to play pool, you can find all of this stuff in RS Barcelona shop. Also, we have plenty of balls for each of these games.

Replacing the pieces of our indoor game tables is very easy and takes very little time. If you need to replace a piece quickly to continue playing, this will not be an impediment.

Placing indoor game tables in your game room is a great way to stay physically and mentally active. This is essential for the wellbeing of each person, as it allows us to have a higher level of energy and then develop our day to day with greater efficiency. Whatever space you are planning to buy them for, we are sure that you will get the most out of them in no time.

Whether it is because you like to organize matches at home before and after the meals when you receive visitors, because your employees can have a place to do a little team building, or because you want your bar customers to have a good time while they have some drinks, our game tables are the perfect choice.

In RS Barcelona Shop we have a wide range of items that will fill any space with a playful attitude. Both for indoor game tables and for people who play with them and enjoy group moments of togetherness and fun. Take a look at our entire catalog and get the ones you like the most.

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