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20 results

Design Foosball Tables

The perfect piece of furniture for your home. It helps to create a relaxed space for people to unwind and give a playful touch to any room in your home or office. All of our foosball tables have been manufactured with high-quality materials and with an exclusive design in Barcelona, Spain. Choose the model you like and customize it making it unique with the colors of your team.

Style, design and fun foosball tables

A luxury foosball table is a perfect piece for your living room, your garden and for the rest or common areas in offices. You could create a relaxed space that helps you disconnect after work, interacts differently in the work environment, and adds a playful touch to any environment. We make our design foosball tables with high-quality materials. You can choose the model that you like the most or best matches with your home, customize it with the colors of your team and make it unique.

Outdoor foosball table

The RS Barcelona design foosball tables are for indoor and outdoor use, for homes,offices, hotels, or restaurants. Wherever you put it, it will add style and create an exclusive and original atmosphere in any spaece. In addition, with our outdoor foosball table, you will be able to create special moments with your friends, family, and co-workers. Because games join us in a fun way. Being together and playing football table is synonymous with joyfulness, it creates bonds and allows us to relate in a relaxed and friendly way. Moments that allow us to be ourselves.

Custom foosball tables: make your foosball exclusive

If you want to have a customized football table, customize the players with your favorite team's colors, add your personal touch and create an exclusive football table. You can enjoy the big leagues by yourself.

The RS Barcelona foosball tables are made with high-quality materials to offer a unique playing experience. You can have your customized football table both indoors and outdoors to enjoy the game to the fullest in your favorite space. These custom foosball tables have been created to enjoy, share and collect moments that you will always remember.

With our wide variety of design foosball tables, in steel and wood details, you can choose the design and materials that best suit your needs: the RS2 with its industrial look; the RS3 with a lightest design; the RS3 Wood with wooden legs, the RS MAX for 8 players; or the RS4 Home for you to assemble yourself. What’s your choice?

Foosball table RS2

What better idea than a dining foosball table? To play between dishes or eat between scoring goals. The RS2 Dining is one of the most original foosball tables you have ever seen, as it has been designed to enjoy food, play and friends at the same time. An essential for those in love with gastronomy, games, and design. The RS2 Dining Foosball Table model has become a reality thanks to the collaboration with the famous international chef José Andrés. As in the entire range of RS Barcelona foosball tables, you can customize it with your teams and make it even more unique.