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Complement your design game tables with the best accessories

Find everything you need to replace and keep your designer game tables in perfect condition: spare handles, ping pong balls, rods, table soccer players, and even protective covers. And don't worry, they are manufactured following our commitment to exclusive design and with the best materials. The RS Barcelona seal of quality.

Complement your designer game tables with the best game accessories

Find the accessories and spare parts you need to keep your design game table in the perfect conditions: replacement foosball handles, ping pong balls, rods, customized foosball players, and even pool table covers.

All accessories are made with best quality materials and following RS Barcelona commitment to exclusive design.

The whole range of RS Barcelona products are made of high-quality materials.. We know that some parts can wear out over time. Don't worry, because all the components of our game tables can be replaced to make them look like the first day. Or simply to protect and take care in the best way that table which has become your best playmate.

Foosball protection cover

This protective cover for foosball tables is the perfect complement to last the life of your new design foosball table. Suitable for all RS Barcelona football table models, it is made with 100% polyester material and PU coating resistant to water and adverse weather, guaranteeing maximum protection for the football table. An essential for your foosball table, especially if it is for outdoor use.

Foosball table kit

Turn your RS Barcelona foosball table into an original dining table with the dining kit. A rectangular or oval glass top made with tempered glass and steel anchoring brackets gives your football table a new use that you would never have imagined. The ova glass is for a 6 people table and the rectangular one, for 4.

Foosball balls

If you or your friends are one of those people who get so excited playing foosball, possibly some balls have flown off the pitch and never appeared again. So, we suggest having extra foosball balls with our sets of 7 foosball balls. Available in resin or cork for a quieter game.

Best ping pong paddles

All RS Barcelona ping pong tables include a set of 2 wooden ping pong paddles. An essential accessory for your new design ping pong table. For a pair game, you will need another pair that you can purchase in our online shop. And if due to use, you must replace them with new ones, you know, they go from 2 to 2. Let the game begin!

Floor cue rack for pool table accessories

This is the perfect complement to your new luxury pool table. The floor pool cue rack has different spaces designed so that all the pool accessories have their own space and are perfectly organized and collected in the same piece. It has built-in wheels that allow you to move it easily around and always have it handy when you need it, or nestled in the background once the game is over. Available in finishes for use indoors or outdoors.

Ping pong balls

Ping pong balls magically disappear. RS Barcelona design ping pong tables include a kit of 6 balls, because there isn’t anything worse than can’t be able to find balls when the urge to play calls you. Don't let it happen to you again and get an extra set of ping pong balls.

Waterproof ping pong cover

If your ping pong is outside or it will be without use for a long time, we suggest you to protect it with the protective cover for the ping pong table. Made with 100% polyester material and PU coating resistant to water and inclement weather, it is available in different sizes to adapt to the size of your table.

Pool table top

Now you can make your RS Barcelona pool table turn into a fantastic dining table for your living room or outdoor terrace in just one minute. The top is made of wood (iroko, oak, or walnut) for indoor use and in HPL for outdoors. Get the most out of your new pool table 2 in 1. Available for all models of RS Barcelona pool table dining tables.

Replacement custom foosball players

RS Barcelona foosball tables always come with 2 replacement foosball players, one for each team. But, with time and use, players can lose color or break if they are not properly screwed to the rod. Or simply, the time has come to change teams. Here you will always find a new foosball players so that any unforeseen event does not interrupt your fun. Remember that our foosball table players are customizable. Get your favorite team in a foosball player piece, hand painted by our artisans team.

Foosball handles

Foosball handles replacement are suitable for all versions of RS Barcelona foosball tables.