Small object. Big ideas.
They accompany you, they share many moments with you, they make you smile and make you feel good.

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RS Barcelonas design accessories collection is composed of sparks of optimism. Of dreams come true. Of extraordinary ideas that we came up with one day and decided to turn into designer items.

A wall-mounted coat racks with the soul of a footballer, lifted directly from our football tables, whose main mission is to welcome you home with a smile. A portable barbecue in the form of a suitcase with a truly vintage style, containing some really delicious moments. A three-legged ancillary stool made out of aluminium or recycled paper, in sizes suitable for kids and for adults who are kids at heart.

They’re much more than decorative items. They’re gifts we’d like to receive ourselves. They’re designer products that brighten up our day. They’re playful items that try to coax a smile out of us. They’re a reflection of all of us at RS Barcelona.

RS Barcelona stools, wall racks and portable table-top barbecues form part of its accessories collection. These products are much more than designer items. They’re experiences. They’re unforgettable moments. They’re a way of understanding and approaching life that can be summed up in a single pledge: intense living.

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