Shuffleboard tables give you a challenge in the distance, with only the path separating you and your desire to win.
The precision of your shot connects the departure point and destination: to play.

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Shuffleboard is the perfect game for creating memorable moments that bring people together. Rhe RS Barcelona shuffleboard tables go one step further by joining game and space with a striking design of pure beauty and the consistency of its shape. It enhances any room, transforming its vibe with a playful attitude, yet at the same time blending in. It stands out harmoniously, unostentatiously because it speaks the same language as the other furniture and decor: the language of design.

Our shuffleboards steer away from the classic stereotypes associated with this game, boldly reinterpreting it through the simple elegance of its design and the audacious choice of materials, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The shuffleboard table has always been characterised by a long, imposing wooden play area that gives it real presence. The RS Barcelona shuffleboard tables break with convention by daringly opting for metal, a raw material that’s part of the DNA of our brand. Rather than a heavy block of solid wood, these shuffleboards are fitted with a 0.06 in thick steel sheet. The resin surface coat adheres organically to the metal, creating an innovative play area that offers the same gameplay as traditional shuffleboard tables: perfect sliding that enhances the playing experience.

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