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We are the pool table manufacturer you need. You appreciate design and quality. The exclusivity that details mean. The elegance that transcends trends. You are passionate about enjoying life, and you love those pieces that accompany you and make the most of every moment.

Then, you #stayplayful as a way of life. That is just great, because we are going to help you with your lifestyle.

In case you are looking for a pool table manufacturer who can provide a great design as well as an exceptional finish, we are the solution to all your concerns. Our pool tables combine design, precision, and elegance with outstanding mastery in order to lend you a unique experience.

As a pool table manufacturer, from RS Barcelona, we control every step of the very creation of your pool table. That is the reason why we are completely sure our pool tables are capable of fulfill every single expectation you could own.

Do you prefer to play indoor or outdoor? Sometimes the calmness and coziness of a room can vie with the rays of sun and the breeze of the outside. Our experience as a pool table manufacturer has made us look for every possible alternative. Do not worry, we have different solutions.

For indoors, a pool table with distinctive design. Our Diagonal pool table is as unique as your passion for enjoying every moment, a passion we share. With delicate and sleek lines, its professional cloth assures you the speed you want in a perfect game.

In case you prefer to play outdoors enjoying the natural light, we have changed the traditional cloth with an exceptional Sunbrella 100% nylon one. This variation, elegant as well, but far more resistant for withstanding weather elements, is all you need to relish playing outdoor and not worrying about anything else.

Our commitment as a pool table manufacturer does not end with our exclusive and extraordinary tables. We want to provide you with anything you may need. For that reason, we extend our dedication to offer you all the game accessories that you need to enjoy your Diagonal pool table experience.

No more leaning a pool cue against the wall. No more missing chalks in any drawer. The Mou floor cue rack is the best option to have all your pool table accessories stored and safe at the same place. Available in two different versions, outdoor and indoor, it is the solution if you want to keep cues, chalk, and balls mint for a long time.

Now, think about this situation. You have been playing for hours, and nothing is better after a good session than a better dinner. Your friends are at home, and you require a big table. Perhaps a 8ft or 7ft one? That is just the measure of your pool table.

For cases like that one, we have our pool table dining top. With this fabulous and exclusive complement, you will make the most of your pool table, adding extra functionalities to it when you are not playing.

Do not waste any more of your time and start your RS Barcelona pool table experience. 


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