We love outdoor living. It’s part of our Mediterranean culture and our open character.

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We love outdoor living, whether it’s enjoying an early morning coffee as the sun comes up, having relaxed post-lunch conversations in the shade or lounging in the cool evening with a book. It forms part of our Mediterranean culture and our open character.

RS Barcelona design products reflect this enjoyment of outdoor living. Our football tables, ping-pong tables, dining tables, stools and benches are designed and manufactured to be enjoyed and shared outdoors as well.

We select top-quality, weatherproof materials. Stainless steel and cataphoresis treated steel, aluminium, iroko wood, waterproof and weatherproof fabrics… Extremely durable materials suitable for intensive use.

Maybe we’ll be forced to abandon a table football match because of the rain. Or perhaps some windy weather will bring our weekly ping-pong championship with the neighbours to a halt. Maybe it will turn cold and the barbecue will just have to be enjoyed indoors. But, as soon as possible, we’ll be back outside again. We’re outdoors people.

RS Barcelona outdoor products are much more than designer items. They’re experiences. They’re unforgettable moments. They’re a way of understanding and approaching life that can be summed up in a single pledge: intense living.

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