rs barcelona sustainability

RS Barcelona sustainability

As far as RS Barcelona is concerned, sustainability is much more than a fashionable word or an obligation; it’s a philosophy, an approach to creation, design and manufacturing.

The durability of a product is the essence of sustainability. That is our commitment to the planet and society: to manufacture top-quality, hard-wearing items through environmentally friendly production processes.

We design our products with versatility in mind, in terms of both use and function, so that you can adapt them to the changes in your life. Their timeless design rises above passing fads, ensuring that they retain their essence and style over time, as constant companions that can be adapted to whatever space or setting you wish to inhabit and enjoy.

And when the time comes, you’ll be able to repair, rebuild or dispose of and recycle that product with which you’ve had such memorable times, turning it into a new item that will enable others to experience unforgettable moments.

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