Ombra stool

Bronze Delta Award 2020

Versatile, always arranged together or with other elements to obtain the perfect atmosphere, but always faithful to your ideas. The Ombra stool will be there for all you need. Take your Ombra and have a sit-down.

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Attentive to your conversations with friends in the bar; accompanying you through a hard day’s work at the office; sharing some tapas at a terrace; patiently waiting for dinner to be ready in the kitchen… The Ombra stool is always there. Its place is assured. It awaits you, discreetly. But always alert to when you need it.

That’s when it comes into its own and reveals all its charms: its clean design, with sleek, elegant lines; its comfortable, generously sized ergonomic seat; its range of eye-catching and easy-to-match colours; its different heights to suit all sorts of tables and bars.

That’s when it shows its versatility, functionality and toughness. Ombra is designed and manufactured for intense use both indoors and outdoors. Ready to withstand lots of sit-downs and plenty of movement. Ready to go outside when the sun shines. Ready to go back in, if you’re surprised by a sudden chill or downpour. But also ready to wait for you outside in the rain, thanks to its weatherproof cataphoretic treated steel structure.

Whichever size you choose (bar, counter or low), with or without a backrest, in one of its standard colours or in the customised colour required by your project, take your Ombra and have a sit-down.

Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.

Options: Ask about other customised colour options.


Bar: 19.6 lb | 8,9 kg
Bar with backrest: 20.9 lb | 9,5 kg

Counter: 17.9 lb | 8,1 kg
Counter with backrest: 19 lb | 8,7 kg

Bajo: 13.2 lb | 6 kg
Bajo with backrest: 14.3 lb | 6,5 kg

20.1 x 17.5 x 42.9 in | 51 x 44,5 x 109 cm
Weight: 21 lb | 9,5 kg

Bar with backrest:
20.1 x 17.5 x 42.9 in | 51 x 44,5 x 109 cm
Weight: 23.1 lb | 10,5 kg

18.9 x 16.5 x 26.4 in | 48 x 42 x 67 cm
Weight: 20 lb | 9 kg

Counter with backrest:
18.9 x 16.5 x 39.4 in | 48 x 42 x 100 cm
Weight: 22 lb | 10 kg

17.3 x 15.1 x 19.3 in | 44 x 38,5 x 49 cm
Weight: 14.3 lb | 6,5 kg

Bajo with backrest:
17.3 x 15.1 x 28 in | 44 x 38,5 x 71 cm
Weight: 15.4 lb | 7 kg


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