New catalogue – The value of good design

Designing to captivate. Searching for beauty in simplicity. Elegance that focuses on the exquisite nature of details that make it unique and authentic. Designing to honour the job well done, raising the expert hand of the artisan. Designing to transform spaces, moods and attitudes. Designing to transcend, to last and to inspire.

With this cover letter we open our 150 pages catalogue. A book that introduces much more than our product collection. We show ourselves as we are. Honestly and without filters. With no other pretension than to share our essence and brand values, where our iconic pieces come from.

We launch our new colour palette with micro textured finish. Harmonious, elegant and subtle, it enhances the lines and design of our game tables and furniture, creating unique chromatic settings, bringing back emotions and provoking sensations.

The book tells our story. A journey through our 15 years and our commitment to sustainability, choosing quality in materials and production processes and long lasting.

We invite you to download it and enjoy discovering RS Barcelona and our passion for good design.

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