An unrepeatable walk through The Art of Play

Our stand at Salone del Mobile 2024 became an oneiric, magical and evocative scenario that immersed the visitor in a unique environment in which to rediscover the sensations and emotions linked to the happiness we experienced in our childhood. Behind inflatable walls, the doors opened to the Art of Play universe. A very particular world in which play and art merge to explain the way we understand playing.

The Art of Play

Play isn’t just for kids; it’s an attitude, an expression of optimism, a way of living and dealing with life. The Art of Play lies in striking a balance between design, aesthetics, and fun; in fusing sophistication with enthusiasm and the joy of living. We are artists of play, experts in elevating it and creating memorable experiences. We’ve been playing unabashedly for over fifteen years. Making every day a new game. Daring to play in settings where it wasn’t thought appropriate to do so. Breaking the rules and reinterpreting convention.

A blank canvas

And this is what we shown in our stand at the Salone del Mobile with our iconic game tables and furniture. All the pieces -the RS2 foosball table, the Diagonal pool table and the Track shuffleboard- were displayed in white to emphasize the magical feeling we wanted to convey. Among them, the new edition of our You and Me table tennis table took center stage. The Monochrome edition, available in black and white, highlights the purity and strength of these two
colors without additives or complements.
Between white and white, a touch of color to add visual impact to the composition. A fluorescent yellow Crew stand caught the attention of visitors with its overflowing energy.

Our Salone del Mobile 2024, designed by Antoni Pallejà Office, has been a true expression of our firm commitment to play. Because we are on a mission to champion the power of play and its great ability to turn everyday life into magic; into unique, authentic experiences. Because each game opens a door to the unexpected.

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