RS Barcelona Plec table

Plec collection: new shapes and uses

The Plec coffee table, designed by Antoni Pallejà Offices, invites you to look at it from a different perspective. Its renewed shapes and sizes take it to a higher level: a collection that surprises you with new uses so that you can continue playing with the folding symmetry in different spaces.

Plec was born as a rectangular coffee table in three sizes and heights to combine with each other and fit into any environment, both indoors and outdoors. The distinctive structure of its accordion-shaped legs, when they meet the rays of light, creates light and shade effects that flood the room.

Now, without giving up its sculptural design, Plec is shown as a collection of pieces of different sizes and shapes to respond to new uses.

The rectangular coffee tables are joined by round shapes, contrasting with the straight lines of their folds and creating pieces whose charm is mainly in their asymmetry.

RS Barcelona Plec round small coffee table

Looking for new functionalities and as a natural evolution of the rectangular coffee and side table collection Plec becomes a desk where it is a pleasure to work at and inspiration comes by itself. Its compact dimensions make it the perfect desk to set up your own office at home or at a hotel room, creating an atmosphere that invites concentration with comfort and the decorative accent of home.

RS Barcelona Plec desk

And with the aim of paying tribute to a piece of furniture that time has relegated to the past, Plec emerges as a pedestal. It turns its shape into a sculpture, giving even more emphasis to the object placed on it and highlighting its presence in the space in a perfect symbiosis between the object and the furniture.

RS Barcelona Plec pedestal

The Plec table in all its versions proves that, even though it might seem classical at first glance, it fits and morphs in any setting. That’s where its personality and singularity lie. In its sculptural lines and formal beauty. In the intertwining of the industrial look of the metal and the timeless elegance of the marble. In the colours and their sophisticated tones. With all these elements, Plec exudes quiet confidence and restraint, without raising its voice above the other elements. It knows that creating spatial harmony is a team effort.

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