RS#4 football table colours

RS4 Home – Family&Friends game

The RS4 Home is the new foosball table that joins our most playful collection.
A football table designed to enjoy at home with your family and friends.

For all ages: the years don’t matter, as long as you have a playful attitude.
For sharing with your loved ones: family, friends, neighbours, workmates… Anyone who dares to challenge you.
For any time: a celebration, a party, a family reunion, on Saturday after lunch, on Wednesday when the homework is done… For all those moments that will not be forgotten.
For indoors and outdoors: enjoy a good game both in the dining room at home, as well as in the garden or on the patio. Wherever the shouts and laughter resonate best.
For playing: matches to 7 goals, to 11; 5 or 10 minutes. You make the rules.

The RS4 Home has been designed and manufactured to respond to the demands of quick ship:
In stock: Finished. Packed. Ready to ship. So you can enjoy it as quickly as possible.
For eco-friendly and easy delivery: the football table comes disassembled in spare pieces for easy handling and assembling. So the packaging occupies the minimum space, makes shipping more flexible and reduces the ecological footprint.
For doing it yourself: Easy assembling. Putting it together makes it yours, and then, when the game starts, you love it even more.

The RS4 Home colours are warm and subtle, inspired by the colour scheme of the Scandinavian autumn landscapes. The navy blue of a deep sea; the ochre yellow of the fallen leaves, the terracotta with the smell of wet earth and the grey of a stormy sky. And the wooden legs make it warm and harmonize with the space.

Stay tuned for more RS4 Home news and release dates!

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