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Football table RS2 Gold

from Price 6,570 €
24k gold-plated game play, design and sophistication. The RS2 Gold is our most chic football table. It’s one of the items in our Gold Edition...

Football table RS3 Wood Gold

from Price 5,103 €
Gold, metal and wood. The RS3 Wood Gold football table proves that this game can be played in a dinner suit or an evening dress. Elegance and...

A football table is the ideal kind of complement and game table to obtain and create a relaxed space in any room of your home. Is there any better way to achieve this than having a high quality and design football table?

Your custom football table to fit any space

There is a custom football table for you, and what’s the best part of it? You can choose any detail to fit any space, indoors, or outdoors!

What can you exactly customize? Firstly, you will have the possibility to select between the color of the field and the line-up. Do you prefer a traditional green field emulating the grass, or maybe add a unique touch with a cream or black color?

The line-up is extremely important in a custom football table, too. It will define the way of playing the game. There are two options, the 3-3-4 line-up or the 2-5-3. It is up to you to decide which one fits your playing style!

Let's go to the players. To pick wisely is another significant decision as well. One foot or two feet, players will determine the direction of the ball and the technique to kick it.

Also, you can go for a team of boys, girls or mixed. The players can be light or dark skin too. Every detail made to match your standards.

Do you have a favorite team? We know you have one! That is the main reason why you can decide the colors of the equipment of the local and the visiting team. You can even select the kit of the goalkeeper!

Combine all the possibilities and play with your dream team against your biggest rival. The fun is waiting for you to start an intense way of playing!

Much more than a design football table

A party at home is nothing without good drinks and food, right? You start having fun with your friends, playing with your unique custom football table and then dinner time is here!

Is the game not over yet? No problem! With the dining table kit for our RS2 model, you can turn your custom football table into a regular table!

The kit consists of a glass table-top and four brackets that will allow you to have a remarkable dinner experience, sharing the best moments with your friends in the exact same space you are playing. Wonderful, is not it?

Whether for an intimate get-together or a party, there is a dining table kit to suit every moment. The rectangular top is made to host 4 people on the table, and the oval top is made for 6 guests.

Each top is made of template glass, a quality material designed to withstand the weight of plates and cutlery. The fixing brackets are manufactured from steel and covered with polyester paint in order to add balance and protect the custom football table with the necessary design.

No doubt that this feature is an added value to consider, that will make the most of your custom football table and your reunions.

The quality of materials for a long term football table

If there is a vital point when you are looking for a good custom football table, that is the materials that make up this excellent piece of furniture.

Probably you want to enjoy some good games over the years. This will be possible only thanks to the materials used for its manufacture. The better the materials are, the longer your custom football table will last.

At RS Barcelona, we are manufacturers, and we know how important it is. We have outdoor football tables with materials selected to withstand the temperature and weather changes. They are also waterproof.

Of course, there are indoor football tables too! But let us tell you a secret, any custom football table will be perfect for indoor use! You just need to worry to pick a design suitable for the space you want to place it.

The quality of materials is the highest possible. This will make an outstanding choice of every model.

Among the ones we use, you can find different kinds of steel and coating processes for the outdoor football tables, and the addition of iroko wood in case you like better some wooden finishes.

Design football tables 

Every football table has a unique design. A playful touch full of elegance for any room or space at home, or even the office or the hotel.

In addition to its high quality materials, the exclusive design of each model assures you everything you can expect from a luxury football table.

Four different models with different variations give you the opportunity to choose the perfect one for you.

The RS2. The original one. An industrial look and minimalist design in a wide range of sleek colors, or the marvelous gold edition, the gold football table. Specially designed for those who want to show a special shine with a classy touch.

The RS3. The lightest design. This one adapts to fit any space you may think about. Also, is one of the custom football tables, so you can add your personal touch to it.

The RS3 Wood. The football table with wooden legs. Its warm and friendly appeal offers you a more contemporary design. The secret lies in the mix of high-quality materials (steel and iroko wood) to achieve the best.

The RS4 Home. A design specially to enjoy at home. You can assemble it yourself and then, every one in the family will be part of the game, no matter the age! Do you have a playful attitude? This one is for you!

The RS Max. For those parties that involve everyone! 8 persons can join the fun for an incredible session of games and laugh!

RS Barcelona: the brand of design and fun

We are glad to be part of your life, and we work hard to make the design of your dreams as real as it should be.

We take care of all the process to assure the best results at the end. Our commitment with your happiness is strong, that is why we have a team of experts at your disposal to advise you in case you need it. We want you to choose the best option to start living intense!

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