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Football table RS2 Gold

from Price 6,189 €
24k gold-plated game play, design and sophistication. The RS2 Gold is our most chic football table. It’s one of the items in our Gold Edition...

Football table RS3 Wood Gold

from Price 4,900 €
Gold, metal and wood. The RS3 Wood Gold football table proves that this game can be played in a dinner suit or an evening dress. Elegance and...

Set of Football table Handles

Price 80 €
Handles for any RS football table model and version. White, black, red, natural wood or iroko wood. Pack of 8 units.

If you are looking for a great way to have fun and unwind from work, our foosball tables are the perfect choice. This classic game is ideal for socializing with your friends, family and even co-workers. At RS Barcelona Shop we have some excellent foosball tables that you will love.

Foosball tables are suitable for people of all ages and can be played by four or more people. Besides being entertaining, it is a great way to improve your coordination and agility. Perfect for parties and encounters with friends and family or for breaks at work, don't you think so?

In our online store you have a wide range of foosball tables for sale that will fit perfectly to your requirements and those of your rooms, both for size and for its high quality materials and finishes.

They are available in multiple colors and you can customize them to your taste to combine perfectly with other decorative items.

If there is something that makes our foosball tables stand out, it is the highly aesthetic and modern designs. All of the share sleek lines and exquisite shapes, so buying in RS Barcelona Shop you are assured of timeless design.

On the other hand, customization is one of the values that we appreciate the most in our foosball tables, because we believe that each customer should have the opportunity to choose how will be the final touch that will make it unique.

In this way, and with the wide variety of options we give you to choose from, you can have access to almost one of a kind foosball tables. Take your time to choose the features that best suit what you are looking for and soon you will have your incomparable foosball table ready to enjoy it.

The perfect entertainment for sharing

In RS Barcelona Shop we have foosball tables for enjoying at home, in the bar, restaurant, hotels and offices. They are the perfect game and pastimes to have fun in groups of four or more people.

Playing foosball is synonymous of togetherness, of fun, of clearing for a moment your head of the worries that affect your day to day. We have all grown up with this game that is still so popular today in many amenities and leisure spaces.

We have foosball tables that can contribute to improving the chemistry of a group of work or friends considerably, because team play always helps to increase the rapport and understanding between all members.

In addition to having foosball tables for sale in our online store you can also buy spare parts or additional accessories, so that your guests do not lack anything and can enjoy a complete gaming experience.

It may seem simple, but when you have a foosball table you always have to be thorough and keep it in good conditions so it can stand the test of time by your side.

As much as they are made with high quality materials, intense use and many games can cause some parts to wear out and need to be replaced, such as the players, handles.However, don't worry about it, because in our online store you will always find the necessary accessories and spare parts to replace any piece of your foosball table.

Whether you plan to place your new foosball table in an indoor or outdoor space, you should know that we have versions suitable for both. When the sun and the temperature are good, being able to enjoy these games in outdoor terraces feels much better, doesn't it?

Thanks to their high end and quality materials and the spotless finishes that we achieve, the outdoors is a safe space for some of them. So you can enjoy it by the pool, on your garden or your terrace because they are easy to move between several people.

Wherever you place them, they will add style and create an exclusive atmosphere in any space.

Our recommendation: Foosball table RS2 Dining table

Is there a better idea than a foosball dining table? They are perfect to play between dishes or eat between scoring goals. The RS2 Dining is one of the most original and ingenious foosball tables you have ever seen, as it has been designed to enjoy food, play and friends at the same time.

An essential for those in love with gastronomy, games, and design. The RS2 Dining Foosball Table has become a reality thanks to the collaboration with the international renowned chef José Andrés.

As in the entire range of RS Barcelona foosball tables for sale, you can customize it with your teams and make it even more unique. Enjoy it!

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