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Mou Outdoor cue rack

from Price 1,252 €
No more leaning pool cues against the wall. No more looking for chalk in every drawer in the room. Every accessory has its own space in the...

Mou cue rack

from Price 1,099 €
We ended up with pool cues leaning against the wall. No more searching for chalks in every drawer in the room. In the Diagonal Floor Cue Rack, all...

Enjoy our luxury pool tables to the fullest. Indoor or outdoor, the decision is completely yours!

Do you know what makes our tables the best luxury pool tables? The perfect combination and harmony between design, elegance, high quality and playability. This is the signature of RS Barcelona in all our pieces, and our luxury pool tables are no exception.

The timeless appeal of their lines make the tables suitable to any space of your home, adding an extra touch of fine design and excellency.

As it could not be otherwise, the materials of fabrication are high quality in order to endure, resist and last through a long time. In addition, they offer the best finishes. These details make all our pool tables the best luxury pool tables you will find.

Another important fact to have in consideration, is the exclusivity that one of the RS Barcelona luxury pool tables grants to you and your home.

No matter the aesthetics of the current location where you have in mind to place your luxury pool table, it will fit just perfectly. Not only because of its delicate design, but the huge number of possibilities that it can bring to that space.

A library is not the same with a luxury pool table in it, adding a refined touch of distinction and a playful attitude. Give some life to the living room. Maybe a spicy touch to your dining room? A world of possibilities awaits you!

Create your own personal and unique atmosphere for that special corner! Start living intense with RS Barcelona!

A good reason to choose one of our luxury pool tables is its versatility. The functionalities of your luxury pool table do not have to end or restrain exclusively to the game itself.

Sometimes, during a good game session with friends, hunger appears wildly. In the middle of a party at home, it is just too easy to lose the time perception! For these kinds of moments, we have prepared the ideal mate for your luxury pool table.

The Diagonal Dining Top protects the cushion from the dust action and possible stain but, more importantly, it turns your luxury pool table into a luxury dining table! Yes, you have read it perfectly. Isn't that incredibly convenient? For sure!

The table top is manufactured with cross-ply and oak, iroko or walnut finishes for its indoor version. You choose which one fits you best.

The outdoor top is produced with black or white HPL.

Both versions come in 3 pieces.

Are you ready to take your luxury pool table one step further? Don't be left wanting to own one of our exclusive luxury pool tables just because of a space problem. With the Diagonal Dining Top, you don't need to worry about it! Use your luxury pool table as your everyday dining table!

How good is it to play pool at home? You know, it is pretty awesome, right? Imagine having the possibility to play outdoors. That would be simply amazing. Well, that is the reason why we have two versions of our diagonal luxury pool table.

The indoor version, specially designed for the traditional players who enjoy a good game inside their game rooms or any other indoor space.

The materials of the indoor versions are iroko wood for the legs, steel with micro textured powder coated polyester paint for the structure, K66 premium rubber cushion and Simonis 860.90% worsted wool and 10% nylon for the cloth. The board is fabricated with 1 piece fibre cement.

All of them are high quality materials, specially selected to offer the best performances.

Do you prefer to play in your garden or terrace? We have your perfect choice too. The Diagonal outdoor version offers an intense living option for those who love to feel the breeze during their games.

The materials of the outdoor version are legs of iroko wood, a structure made of primer coated steel with micro textured powder coated polyester paint, K66 premium rubber cushion and a cloth of Solids from Sunbrella (100% acrylic). The board is made with 1 piece fibre cement.

With these two versions, you don't have limitations to choose a space in your home to place your luxury pool table! Place it anywhere you want it!

How can we achieve the title of luxury billiard if the product is not completely customizable? Of course, our products can be customized to their fullest. Create your favorite combination of colors in order to fit perfectly with the mood of the room or space.

With the standard model for indoor, the variety of colors goes from white, to black, red, green and blue for the structure. You can select the color of the cloth between the following: black, gray, red, grayish blue or classic green.

As you can see, you have numerous possibilities to combine!

The outdoor version is available with its structure in black or white and the cloth in black, white, or carbon. Fewer options, but let us explain. Due to the weather inclemency, the materials have to be different from the indoor versions in order to last.

To maintain the color against the sunlight action and keep the pool table in perfect conditions, the best thing you can do is cover your outdoor luxury pool table.

Another important feature is the different sizes. You can choose between 7” American and 8” American, both outdoor and indoor versions.

There is one size to fit perfectly in any space of your house!

If you want harmony in the design, there is no better option to combine your luxury pool table with our best accessories. At RS Barcelona, we maintain the simplicity and sophistication of the design we all love from the tables, and apply it to the accessories.

The luxury pool tables include 2 cues, 1 triangle, 1 ball set, 12 chalks, table brush and 1 protective cover (for the outdoor version).

If something happens to any of the accessories, you can buy one again! If you need more cues due to the visits of friends or family, to enjoy a game with more than 2 players, you can buy a new one too!

Looking for a high quality material case to store all the accessories? Then, the Mou Floor Cue Rack is for you! Available in outdoor or indoor versions, this is the perfect extra to keep all the materials together as good as new.

Manufactured with the same high quality materials of the luxury pool tables, its handiness will become an essential for your games.

As you can see, from RS Barcelona, we prioritize the uniformity of design and high quality to give our clients a complete pack of experiences. Start living playfully and creating unforgettable moments is just a step ahead!

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